Estimating invariant probability densities from time series

How to estimate state probabilities given only a set of observations.

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Using JuliaCall with R on Shiny server

Gotcha: If you’re working online through RStudio Server, it is not sufficient to install Julia packages for that user. The Julia packages must be installed on Shiny’s user in order to work.

Work in progress: Implementing a neural network

I recently watched 3blue1brown’s excellent Youtube videos on deep learning. From there I got redirected to Michael Nielsen’s guide on implementing a simple neural network for classifying hand-written digits. This is an attempt to follow his tutorial.

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Daisyworld app

The Daisyworld application is now online at

Embedding plotly graphs in RMarkdown pdf output

Do you want to embed plotly graphs in pdfs rendered from RMarkdown documents? This can be achieved by making some adjustments to the YAML header of your .Rmd file, and using the webshot package.

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Work in progress: Hosting an interactive website with nginx, RStudio server and Shiny server

This post gives you the necessary information to configure a personal website on an nginx web server. It also shows how to configure RStudio server and Shiny server on the same domain, so you can host interactive applications on the same server as your website.

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